Jewelry for Halloween

There are two types of people in the world: number one, those who start carving their pumpkin in August, and number two, those who buy a ready-made costume from a local craft store on Halloween eve. However, no matter which type you belong to, there is one thing most people don’t give enough attention to when it comes to Halloween preparations, and that is holiday-themed jewelry.

 Now you can ask, why do I need Halloween-themed jewelry? Let’s break it down.

 We will assume you belong to the first type of people, and by the time October sets in, you have about half a dozen jack-o-lanterns guarding your house, closet full of candy, and a very clear idea where you’re going to party on the night of October 31. It goes without saying that you already know what costume you’re going to wear for the party. You have carefully designed and made your costume that reveals your personality and personal taste. So let us ask you this question: are you going to ruin your masterpiece with regular jewelry? Something you wear to school or to the office every other day?

 Instead, you could be wearing a pair of fun enamel pumpkin earrings, a spooky spider statement ring, or a stylish chain bracelet with a skull and a snake — or all of them together. Going overboard is not a concern during Halloween time, be it candies or jewelry. They will enhance your costume, draw everyone’s attention and instantly make you the queen or king of the party.

 Alright, you’ll say, but what if I belong to the second type and genuinely can’t wait for October (and the Halloween fuss) to be over and done with. If that’s the case, you are definitely familiar with the situation when somebody invites you to a party. And you couldn’t care less, but the party is hosted by your boss or a good friend, so yes, you have to go and no, you don’t have a costume. Everything would have been alright, if not for that last sentence at the bottom of the invitation: “Costumes are obligatory”.

 Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Spend a bit of your afternoon online shopping with us, and a mysterious black cat brooch or dangerously looking spider earrings are yours. Now you can shine at the party, perfectly confirming to its requirements but also having applied minimal effort for that.

 But why pay at all for something that you’re only going to wear just one day of the year? Well, here comes the best part. All jewelry items on Arras Creations are so versatile and so unique, you can wear them for more than one occasion. They match with evening wear as well as everyday outfit. So buying a Halloween themed item, you actually acquire a piece of jewelry that will adorn your clothes and highlight your personality on every occasion.

 Visit us online, give yourself a nice Halloween gift, and this holiday season collect all the well deserved compliments.

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