Imitation Necklace Sets

The grand Indian festival “Diwali” is around the corner and you might be busy in cleaning home to welcome the Goddess Laxmi. No matter wherever you are living in the world, Diwali is the festival which you want to celebrate with full of enthusiasm. For ladies, the celebration is not all about a renovation of their home but also revamping of their fashion accessories. Therefore, the article is focusing on shopping guide for Indian imitation necklace sets for those Indian women living in the USA. Shop According to Your Face Shape While shopping for necklaces, make sure to choose the set that flatters your face. For this, it is essential to know your face shape and the style that can suit you much. According to experts: Women with oval shape should avoid chokers because her short neck will look broader and shorter. Round face women can choose a long neckpiece because it will create a slimming effect by lengthening the look of the face. Diamond face women should avoid geometric-shaped neck pieces. Heart face women can wear choker, princes’ lengths and necklaces with large stones. Shop According to Your Dress What are you going to wear in this upcoming Diwali? Make sure the necklace you choose should match to your dress. First, buy the dress and then shop for a necklace. If you are confused with the matching piece, purchase a gold color set. It is all because a gold color jewelry set goes well with almost any color dress. Different Types of Popular Indian Necklaces Indian necklaces are known for its varieties, hues and appealing look. If you have set your mind to wear an Indian necklace set in this Diwali, it will be useful for you to know the varieties served under the Indian jewelry. It will help you to buy the best piece. Lac jewelry set The Rajasthani style costume jewelry set will give you an ethnic touch. The fashion accessory from Jaipur is very colorful. You can easily find the set that matches to your dress. The accessory is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen of Rajasthan. Buy the Lac necklace set with floral design, embedded with glass pieces or bright stones. The combination of beads and pendant style Lac piece looks perfect on women of any age. Kolhapuri Style US-based Maharashtrian women can find this Diwali an ethnic look with Kolhapuri jewelry. Wear a Maharashtrian style saree and finish your look with the traditional jewelry set. You can buy a choker style Kolhapuri Gadi or a Kolhapuri Mangalsutra. Polki If your budget is tight and still you want to wear a set that can give the feeling of diamond, buy an imitation Polki set. The dazzling jewelry will enhance your appearance. A heavy gold polish Polki set featuring colorful beads can look very stylish. Rajwadi Women who want to get the look of an Indian queen can buy a Rajwadi set. The necklace is usually heavy, featuring pearl and stonework. A royal look can be easily achieved with Rajwadi style necklaces. Shop Online This Diwali, order and buy an Indian necklace set online! For US-based Indian women, online is the best platform to buy their choice Indian necklaces at unbelievable prices. is one of the hottest destinations for Indian necklace sets. The online store sells Kundan, Polki, Rajasthani, Rajwadi and many other style necklace sets at up to 50% discounts. So, don’t wait much. In this festive season, get your Indian essence out by getting a complete Indian look.

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